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E-cards will be sent directly to your e-mail account as HTLM file and as e-mail. Ready to distribute.
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Select a Card you like, add your text and send directly to an e-mail account. Simple and direct (see examples).
Change a style or a template
at any moment you want
Change it again if you want (it is always for free)
You can try unlimited amount of template. Send it to yourself, have a look and if you don't like it, just do it again.
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add link to your own company (
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mail the card to yourself
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Send first to yourself and resend it than to anyone you want. Unlimited!
send it to all your friends, partners...
send it to all the companies and
businesses you know...
create a new card and do it
again and again
(for free)
You have made a CARD and send it to yourself. You have made a typing mistake or you just do not like it. Just do it again, it is for free
You can create as many cards as you want

After Sending the card to yourself you will receive the card as an e-mail (examples)
As different browsers and mailing software display email differently, please send it to yourself and check if all looks good. If you have any technical problem please contact us.

This e-mail card can be re-Send to all your own contacts, customers, partners ... by using your standard e-mail program. The number of e-mails is unlimited.
If you have your mailing list you can send it to all your contacts in one go, or just send one card to your business contacts and other to friends or family.
the card is 100% ad-free and it is quick and easy to obtain and 100% environmentally friendly.
(no paper no CO2 emissions)

You get the donation request via your the e-mail account (for € 10.00 ex VAT). The payment period is one week.
(see payment conditions and general conditions)


Terms and conditions

Costs for our services are for free. Unlimited amount of visits to the web page and unlimited amount of cards used on one e-mail adress. Your subscription is valid for 3 months. You can revisit and resend as many card as you want for your company or private use. You are not allowed to “resell” this product or to gain any direct material benefits from it.

Delivery arrangements. The Cards are directly delivered to your e-mail adress. By ordering first card you agree to start 3 month licence agreement and that you will pay agreed amount of money to our bank account, supplied in online invoice, also delivered to your e-mail adess.

Payment terms. Donation (if you choose so) must be payed in 7 days after receiving the invoice.

Data protection. All the elements on page are copyright protected by the international laws. You are not allowed to use any part of Zendus par (text and images) for any other use exept the use in combination with our product..